Resplendent Luxury in Barcelona – The Majestic Hotel & Spa

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


I’m often asked a variation of the same question – what I refer to as “The Best” question – where someone asks for example: “What’s the best hotel you’ve ever stayed in?” or “Where did you have the best meal?”

It’s perhaps the most difficult question to ask of someone who’s visited a number of exemplary hotels and restaurants around the world, and candidly, I do my best to hedge in answering, blathering somewhat incoherently that “All places are different,” and “Every hotel has its own charms” – that type of thing.

But there is some truth in those statements, and I find that my answers often change depending on my mood, demonstrating that the search for objectivity in such things is generally futile. But a recent stay at The Majestic Hotel & Spa in Barcelona, Spain was so resplendent, that I’ve been struggling to avoid succumbing to the Recency Effect, and allowing the visit to settle into the part of my brain where it is weighed in the same respect as all of the other luxury travel experiences I’ve enjoyed.

Well, after allowing a few months to fully absorb our time at The Majestic Hotel & Spa in Barcelona, Spain, it’s time to give this property the credit and applause it so richly deserves; and specifically, to state unequivocally that The Majestic Hotel & Spa is one of the top two or three luxury properties I’ve ever visited.

Location and Entry

The Majestic Hotel & Spa is located on the Passeig de Gracia, the bustling center of luxury shopping and dining in the heart of Barcelona. This location is one of the many reasons that The Majestic Hotel & Spa is so highly regarded and recommended as a Barcelona resort destination. The quality of the dining options and sights around the area is varied and spectacular. Here are some pictures of the most impressive natural-stone soaked entry:


We enjoyed an exquisite suite with a lovely view of the Passeig de Gracia.  The room was replete with luxurious appointments, extravagant furniture, natural stone, and one of the most comfortable beds I’ve experienced in a luxury resort. Here are some pictures of our view and of the room:

The Rooftop

The Majestic Hotel & Spa has perhaps the most breathtaking and fabulous rooftop deck and pool I’ve ever seen. It’s reason enough to stay on property. Just a stunning setting, complete with full dining, and views and views.

The Majestic Spa

We unfortunately did not have the time to enjoy a spa treatment, but the Majestic Spa is regarded as one of the very finest in Barcelona. The Majestic Spa is located on the top floor of the hotel, and features signature body treatments, including locally-inspired healing and rejuvenative rituals.  You may read more about the Spa by Clicking Here.


As you would expect of a five star property, the dining options and quality at the Majestic Hotel & Spa are exemplary. Helmed by Chef Nandu Jubany, the property offers El Restaurante Del Majestic, El Bar Del Majestic, Bar Rooftop ‘La Dolce Vitae’, Restaurant ‘Condal’, and Restaurant ‘Petit Comite’.

We enjoyed multiple delicious meals, including one of the best brunches we’ve ever enjoyed. The freshness of the food was something special, including perhaps the most orange egg yolks I’ve ever seen.

Closing Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, I’m reluctant to talk in terms of the “best” or “favorite” property or restaurant. That said, The Majestic Hotel & Spa was as impressive and indelible as any property I’ve ever visited. The people at the resort could not have been more kind, helpful, and willing to please. And in the end, that’s what I enjoyed most about our time at the resort, and no doubt as to why The Majestic Hotel & Spa is at the top of just about everyone’s Barcelona luxury hotel lists.

If you have plans to visit Barcelona, make certain that you visit The Majestic Hotel & Spa. Even if you simply visit the Rooftop, it will be well worth your time. This visit is one of my most cherished travel memories, and if you visit, you will experience a property that has achieved a sleek and remarkable perfection – nothing short of “Majestic.”


The Majestic Hotel & Spa – Info and Social

The Majestic Hotel & Spa (Website) – Paseo de Gracia 68, Barcelona, Spain 08007 (Google Maps)


Twitter: @HotelMajestic

Instagram: @hotelmajestic


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Thanks so very much to Arantxa and everyone at the Majestic Hotel & Spa! My wife and I truly had the experience of a lifetime, and we will be counting the days until we can return.

Please take note that the hotel welcomed me as a special media guest, but that my opinions are, as always, entirely my own.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this article, and happy dining and traveling!