Best Places to See in Maui – Day 2

Just when I thought that we couldn’t top our Day 1 in Maui, Day 2 was an all-timer! We again found some of the Best Places to See in Maui!


I really make an effort to visit new restaurants and resorts when I travel for the simple fact that there so many amazing places to see, and I want to see them all!!!!!!

That said, there are times when a resort or restaurant is so super-fantastic that not returning is just plain stupid. Well, one of those times happened yesterday when we returned to enjoy Brunch at The Plantation House Restaurant in Kapalua; one of the most divine spots I’ve visited in the entire world. It’s simply breathtaking.

I’ll have a full post and review later in the week, but here are a few pics:

The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua

As part of my visit to Maui, I’m writing a blog series titled “Luxury Resorts of Maui.” I can’t make it to all of the luxury resorts on the island because I don’t have enough time. So, I needed to prioritize a bit.

A resort that definitely made my list is The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua. It’s very highly regarded and beautifully situated. I dragged my family there after our brunch. While they chilled out and had a couple of drinks, I checked out the property. I’ll have a full post on the property later next week, but here are a few pics:

It’s certainly one of the most beautiful resorts I’ve visited, and I’ll elaborate in the upcoming main post.

Merriman’s at Kapalua

In my research on luxury resorts and restaurants, the Merriman’s Restaurant Group appeared numerous instances, and in exceedingly glowing terms. So, naturally I added Merriman’s Kapalua to my list of restaurants to visit. I will post a full article on this property later next week, but here are some pictures of what I believe to be the restaurant with the most beautiful views in the entire world:

I loved this place so much that we’re doing dinner this Friday with the family, which will mark my third visit in 6 days!

Off to Day 3!


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