Best Places to See in Maui – Day 1

Welcome to my series of blog articles called “Best Places to See in Maui”!  My aspiration is to post daily, but I don’t want Miss Details to divorce me, so we’ll see how that goes!

We arrived in Maui yesterday and the island is even more beautiful than my memories of our visit a few years back – although the humidity feels more oppressive. Now, before you pickup your pitch-forks and torches, this is not a criticism of Maui, just an observation. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, the land of zero humidity, so there’s an adaptation period. Put down your torches and chill out. It’s just brutal for the first day or so, and Miss Details is loving how the humidity makes her skin glow!

Arrival and Checking In

We’re on a family vacation celebrating my parents’ 45th anniversary, and they have been (and continue to be) incredibly and endlessly generous – round trip airfare, meals, and an absolutely and astoundingly beautiful beachhouse rental on Front Street in Lahaina!!! Here are a few pics:


We’re a party of eight, and we didn’t have reservations … on a Saturday evening in July … in Lahaina.  So . . . not a lot of walk-in options! We really lucked out in finding some availability at Koa’s Seaside Grill on Front Street.

I didn’t take enough notes or pictures for a full dining review because I didn’t want my family rioting over my complete narcissism and ignorance of their existence, but I did grab some pics of the breathtaking views (and one of my wife’s lovely Sesame-Rubbed Ahi):

After-Dinner Drinks

My wife, my brother and me went to a place I’ve heard many many people absolutely rave about – Merriman’s Kapalua. And after a brief visit there last night, I can see why. A truly refined and stately restaurant, and it deserves it’s own dedicated blog post and review, which I’ll do later this week after I’ve had a chance to visit at least one more time. I can’t wait to go back! The environment, people, energy, and the views – much more to follow on this lovely place.

Off to Day 2!


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