Best Places to Eat in Maui – The Plantation House at Kapalua

The word “picturesque” gets tossed about with an exceeding lack of context or care.  I’ve traveled to many places and dined at some of the best restaurants in the world, and I can tell you that memorably picturesque restaurants are rare. Well, The Plantation House at Kapalua on Maui is one of those restaurants.

Why the Plantation House?

When my parents decided that they wanted to take the family (My parents, myself and my wife, and my brother and his wife and two kids) to Maui to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, I knew immediately that I was going to write a “Best Places to Eat in Maui” blog series by visiting some of the most highly regarded restaurants on the island. In my initial search, The Plantation House at Kapalua appeared multiple times, and I knew that I had to include it in my visits.


The restaurant is inside the clubhouse of the Plantation Course of the Kapalua Resort, which is on the Northwest corner of Maui. Click here to view the location (with credit to Google Maps). It’s an easy drive up the west coast of the island, and a beautiful one at that.


The Plantation Course clubhouse – and therefore the restaurant – is majestically set upon a slope of an emerald expanse of plush grass, sculpted grounds of stone, lightly purpled flowers, and deep green manicured shrubbery. I tried to snap a great photo of the exterior, but I failed miserably. So I did what any self-respecting Luxury Travel Blogger would do, I begged The Plantation House for some of its high resolution images!   🙂

They most graciously agreed to share a few, and here is a lovely image of the property during an evening approach (courtesy of The Plantation House):

Evening View

An Evening View of The Plantation House at Kapalua


The Plantation House makes a great first impression – most stately and elegant. So much so that we thought it an appropriate place to snap a quick photo of our pretty girls!


Inside, the luxurious visuals continue down an expansive and lightly colored hallway, terminating visually with a splendid top view of the oversized doors leading to the course below (or into the clubhouse).


As you move toward the left to the restaurant, you are struck by the beauty of the combination of clean architecture and breathtaking views of the golf course and ocean in the distance. Wow.


As you enter the restaurant, the views are even more striking. Here is another perfect image courtesy of The Plantation House:


I could go on with more images of the views, but we would never get to the food! Don’t worry, I’ll include more images below so you can see more of this divine property.


The Plantation House refers to its food as “Hawaiian Eclectic”, which I really like because that phrase conjures images of traditional fare with Hawaiian influence and items that are a unique blend of both styles.

We decided on brunch on our second day in Maui, with the hope that we would re-visit the property for dinner at a later evening on the trip. The Plantation House refers to its brunch as the “AM Experience” and you can click here to view all of the Menus of The Plantation House.

I enjoyed a superlative Surf & Turf, my brother and father had the Crab Cake Benedict, and it was poetic – I suffered from some serious food envy after a sampling. The Banana Bread was soft, sumptuous, and delectable. Here are the images of the dishes we enjoyed:

Why You’ll Remember The Plantation House at Kapalua

There is simply no place like it. The combination of “feel” and majestic architecture – with sublime food and lyrical views – is truly exceptional.  The views are varied, luxurious, and endless – and they change depending upon your vantage point and time of day. Just magical.

In the end, The Plantation House exists so people can make special memories with friends and families in a place where everyone will experience the location through their senses in many different and wonderful ways.

How to Reach Out

The Plantation House (website):    2000 Plantation Club Drive, Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

Facebook:       ThePlantationHouseRestaurant

Twitter:          @PHKRestaurant

Google Plus:   PlantationHouseRestaurant

More Information

If you’re looking for more information on The Plantation House, Trip Advisor offers a wide variety of excellent and detailed reviews on this restaurant – Click Here

You’ll see that the vast majority of people share my opinion of The Plantation House:  If you are in the area, you need to experience this unique and special place.  I highly recommend that you visit, and take your time to enjoy.

Thank you very much for reading, and happy luxury dining and travel!


More Pictures!

*As always, the opinions expressed in this article are entirely and solely my own.

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