Walking with Elephants at The Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

On rare occasions, a destination reveals itself as one of the world’s impossibly precious treasures; imprinting upon you a vivid and singular experience you will hold dear the remainder of your days. The Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand is such a destination.

Here is a brief video overview of the property:

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle refers to the dramatic area in and around northern Thailand where the three countries of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar intersect along the Ruak and Mekong Rivers. The Four Seasons Tented Camp is spectacularly positioned in northern Thailand along the Ruak River, overlooking Laos and Myanmar.

Getting There

The magic of visiting The Four Seasons Tented Camp begins shortly after you land at the airport. We were greeted by One, welcomed to a lovely wifi-enabled sedan, and whisked north through the countryside.

We were then entrusted to Sarm, who guided us to a small boat for our ride up the Ruak River toward the heart of the Golden Triangle and the Four Seasons Tented Camp, and we were welcomed by a majestic Elephant roaming on the river’s bank.

Click Here to read more about traveling to the Camp, and below, you’ll see where the Camp is positioned.

Our “Tent”

The Four Seasons Tented Camp features “Tents” as accommodations (and Lodges) but it becomes readily apparent that we will not be occupying a tent – at least not the type of tent my family occupied in my youth on vacations. The accommodation to which we are introduced is pure luxury – plush, sumptuous, elegantly appointed, elevated above the jungle, and my goodness the views. Notice the Elephant lounging and grazing in the distance. Wow.

Here is a brief video of our Superior Tent, along with some images:

The Elephants

Elephants are the soul and heartbeat of The Four Seasons Tented Camp. The Four Seasons partners with The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF), which is devoted to saving, rescuing, protecting, and caring for Asian Elephants and their natural habitats. The GTAEF does absolutely incredible work, sheltering about 25 Elephants on property, which after witnessing the work, is impressive. Many of the Elephants have been used for heavy work (transportation, logging) and are injured and have serious stress/emotional and physical disorders. Visitors are granted close access to these magical creatures, and you can’t help but falling head over heels for them all. Here are some of our experiences:

Nothing can compare to the time we spent with these breathtaking animals. They have such soft souls, and look at you with love, understanding and kindness. We had the chance to spend hours with the elephants – walking with them, talking to them, feeding them, and being in awe of their majesty and beauty. The staff clearly feels the same love for them, and it warms your heart to see how these elephants are cared for after having such difficult times in their past. Simply amazing.


The Four Seasons Tented Camp offers a variety of Dining experiences, punctuated by the property’s main dining option Nong Yao Restaurant, where your days begin with breakfast and an unforgettable opportunity to feed the Elephants! Guests are treated to an endless variety of fresh and local foods and cultivated beverages – not to mention the scrumptious coconuts!

Guests also may enjoy the lavish Burma Bar – overlooking the Ruak River – for afternoon cocktails and appetizers. The setting is quite lovely. I unfortunately had some challenges with photos, but here are some views of the Burma Bar:

Spa and Pool

I have been fortunate to have visited some of the most beautiful properties in the world, and I am quite careful to avoid rushing to judgment and saying “best” or “the best” because properties are like fine wines, each with their own lovely characteristics.

That said, I can say without a bit of equivocation that the Spa at the Four Seasons Tented Camp offers the most sublime, sumptuous and spectacular setting I’ve ever experienced. The Spa rests on a steeply elevated ridge in the middle of the jungle, framing a vast verdant expanse of leafy tranquility – punctuated only by rays of sunshine and intermittent wildlife harmonies. This space alone justifies flying across the world, as we became entranced during our couples Thai massage. Ahhh.

Closing Thoughts

Elephants, cliff-side spa treatments, a rushing ride on the Ruak River between three countries, lavish elevated accommodations, exquisite cuisine, and superlative service. The Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle exceeds all expectations, and rewards its guests with the visit of a lifetime.

I urge you to add The Four Seasons Tented Camp to your list of places you must go. And when you arrive, take a quiet moment on your private terrace and breathe in your surroundings, casting your own memories deep in the recesses of your heart. For Elephants await, and you will never see the world quite in the same way ever again.

Contact and Social

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The People

Our visit to The Four Seasons Tented Camp would not have been possible without the hard work of many people. Thank you to Karuna for making this visit possible, and to Reza and his spectacular team, especially to One, Sarm, Seng, Elle, Patty, Noo, San, Nok and Mai. Thank you so very much for making our visit so special and memorable.

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Please take note that The Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle, Thailand welcomed me as a special media guest, but that my opinions are, as always, entirely my own.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this article, and happy dining and traveling!