Uptown Luxury – The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

“To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark


Our country is a traveler’s paradise. One could spend decades visiting our many states, cities, and regions, and I am forever amazed as to the variety of luxury destinations to be enjoyed. I recently had the chance to visit one of my favorite cities – the shiny and bold Dallas, Texas.

Dallas and its outlying areas offer a wide variety of high-end properties, but if you’re looking to spend your time uptown in the heart of the financial district, there’s only one property to visit, The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas. The hotel is timeless, luxurious, and I love its proximity to top line restaurants and shopping.

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The Property and Accommodations

The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas casts a stately and impressive figure amongst the steel and glass structures that crowd the uptown section of Dallas. The property rises high above the street, offering 218 rooms and suites, each with sumptuous furnishings and appointments.

Here are some images of the rooms and the property, courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas:

Here are some images I captured during my time on property, notice the lushness of the textures, colors, and decor, including one of the most lustrous and spectacular display of lobby flowers I’ve seen anywhere:



The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas features as its signature dining offering, one of the best restaurants in the country, Fearing’s Restaurant. Chef Dean Fearing has been long known for his creative and contemporary interpretation of southwestern cuising. I had the pleasure of visiting Fearing’s last year. Click Here to read about my superlative dining experience.

My favorite characteristic of Fearing’s is that the restaurant is more than a dining option for hotel guests. Dallas is a city where people like to see and to be seen. Fearing’s is a singularly glamourous destination that allows both local residents and the hotel guests to experience the property. The energy is palpable, and when you’re in the restaurant, you feel like you’ve wandered in to one serious party. Love this.


The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas features a world class Spa, which like Fearing’s Restaurant, caters to both hotel guests and discerning Dallas residents. I unfortunately did not have the time to enjoy a spa treatment, but I did have some time to visit the spa, and luxuriate in the men’s area, and boy oh boy, quite a lovely area for a restful and sublime respite.

Click Here to see my view from the inside of the Spa’s famous Shower Experience!

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The Club Level

Ritz-Carlton properties are famous for offering The Ritz-Carlton Club Level, and for Ritz-Carlton aficionados, there is no other way to do the Ritz. And for those not familiar with the Ritz-Carlton (like my dad who joined me this visit), it’s as if you’ve finally found that magical place you had long ago given up finding. Ok, maybe a little over-the-top there, but it’s pretty  awesome.

I couldn’t get my dad out of the place. He looked at the pneumatic wine dispenser the same way the Magi looked at Baby Jesus. Here are some pics from our visit. The food and beverage offerings are spectacular, a continuous rotation of fresh, high-end cuisine and comfort food; accompanied by a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic selections.

Closing Thoughts

Fortunes are sometimes gained and lost in an instant, and this is perhaps truer in Dallas, Texas than anywhere else; where black gold has lost some ground to algorithms and high finance.  But one thing hasn’t changed – those who know luxury, know where to find it. And no matter what drives wealth and destinies in uptown Dallas, the Ritz-Carlton is, and will always be, the place to rest and to revel.


The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas – Location and Social

The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas (Website): 2121 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201 (Google Maps)

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Thanks so very much to everyone at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas for a lovely and memorable visit. I would also like to thank Alexandra for making this visit possible, and for the use of some of your high resolution images!

Please take note that the hotel welcomed me as a special media guest, but that my opinions are, as always, entirely my own.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this article, and happy dining and traveling!