Best Restaurants in Dallas – Fearing’s Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas

“There is a difference between dining and eating. Dining is an art. When you eat to get the most out of your meal, to please the palate, just as well as to satiate the appetite, that, my friend, is dining.” – Yuan Mei


Dining is a very special way to experience a new place, and I cherish the opportunities to visit some of the best restaurants in the world when I visit different cities.

In researching dining options in Dallas, there was one restaurant that continued to appear as a must-visit when looking for the best restaurants in DallasFearing’s Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas.

I had the great honor of visiting and experiencing Fearing’s Restaurant on a recent trip to Dallas, and I am most pleased to share my special experience with you.

Chef Dean Fearing

Chef Fearing is renowned for his creative and seasonal farm-to-table creations, and in developing seven dining settings within the restaurant space, exemplified by the tagline: “Elevated American Cuisine – Bold Flavors, No Borders”

Click Here to read more about Chef Fearing

The Space

Fearing’s Restaurant is the signature restaurant of the Ritz-Carlton Dallas, and the layout and design of the restaurant is perhaps the most unique and inspiring I’ve ever seen. There’s simply nothing with which to compare it.

Click Here to view the layout of the restaurant, and the additional detail of its seven unique and distinctive dining areas – quite spectacular. Here are some of the images of the space:

The Energy of Fearing’s Restaurant

One of the most difficult elements of the dining experience to relate in an article is the ambiance and the environment of the dining space.  Fearing’s Restaurant, through its food, design, and people, infuses the entire environment with a vigorous and intense energy; which conveys a sense of dynamism, and an understanding that the confluence of passionate people often creates an unparalleled shared experience. I walked the entirety of the restaurant, stepping into the various dining settings, and marveling how the restaurant – and the experience of its diners – coalesces into something quite divine.

The Food

We were most fortunate to enjoy some of the signature dishes from the dinner menu, as seen below. If you would like to see the staggering mix of menu items and combinations, please Click Here to view the Dinner Menu.

The Tortilla Soup is one of Chef Fearing’s famous dishes, and is absolutely a must-try. I devoured my main course, the Bar N Ranch Wagyu Beef Filet and Chicken Fried Maine Lobster on ‘Loaded’ Whipped Potatoes and Soft Spinach Taco with Smoked Tomato Gravy.  This was one of the best courses I’ve ever enjoyed – anywhere. Inventive, flavorful, colorful, and superlative.

My wife adored her dish, the Bay of Fundy Salmon and Lemon Ricotta Ravioli on Buttercup Squash Cream with House Made Pancetta, Confit Fennel, Snap Peas and Heirloom Radish.

Super Cool

I love it when I’m surprised when I travel!  I’m an American Express Platinum card holder, which grants you access to various Centurion Airport Lounges in the U.S., and there’s one in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport.

One of the reasons that Centurion Lounges are regarded as among the best in the world, is that the dining is superb and supplied by local high-end chefs and restaurants. Well, we stopped for lunch at the DFW Centurion Lounge before we departed for home, and wouldn’t you know! The food was supplied by Fearing’s Restaurant! How cool is that?!

I had the benefit of enjoying Chef Fearing’s delectable offerings twice that weekend! Amazing!

Closing Thoughts

I make certain to take time before posting an article about a resort or dining experience. I do this because I believe firmly in something called “Recency Bias,” which is essentially that we are likely to ascribe unrealistic characteristics to something that happened recently. For example, saying something like: “That steak was the best steak I’ve ever eaten,” right after you’ve just finished the steak, when in your life, you’ve eaten thousands of steaks.

I left Fearing’s Restaurant that evening saying to my wife: “That’s one of the best meals I’ve ever had,” when we’ve enjoyed a multitude of luxurious and memorable meals all over the world. There’s no way I could validate that statement. I was experiencing Recency Bias, which is the reason for the self-imposed time delay in writing an article.

But in writing this article, I’ve had a chance to relive my experience at Fearing’s Restaurant. I’ve thought about it in the context of my other memorable and sublime dining experiences; and it’s clear that my dining experience at Fearing’s Restaurant is truly one of the greatest culinary events I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. As I mentioned above, there is simply nothing quite like the combination of setting, food, and people to which to draw a comparison.

I highly recommend that you visit Fearing’s Restaurant, order a drink, allow the server to decide your menu, and then wander about the many dining settings in the restaurant. See, smell, hear, and ultimately taste what Fearing’s offers, and I promise that you will remember the words of the wise Yuan Mei, “Dining is an art.”


Fearing’s at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas – Info and Social

Fearing’s at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas (Website): 2121 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75201 (Google Maps)


Twitter: @fearingsdallas

Instagram: @fearingsdallas

Trip Advisor: Click Here to read the reviews of diners at Fearing’s Restaurant


More Pictures!

Thanks so very much to Alex, Chef Dean, and everyone at Fearing’s for a most memorable and spectacular meal! We had an absolutely lovely time and can’t wait to come back!

Please note that I was welcomed by Fearing’s as a special media guest, but that as always, my opinions are my own.

Happy Dining!