Review: Stripsteak – Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, Nevada

I hate to compare steaks and steakhouses. I really do. It’s inherently flawed and hopelessly impossible. There are so many variables – how you feel on a particular night, how many drinks you’ve had, the company at the table, the ambiance, the wine you paired with the steak, etc, etc. There’s also something called the Recency Effect where people are more likely to recall what is most close in time. This leads to statements like: “This is the best steak I’ve ever had!” which is probably untrue. But steaks have this effect on me – which is why I really hate to compare steaks and steakhouses.

That said, without comparison, it’s difficult to rate or review anything.  So, with high end steakhouses I’m taking a new approach and treating them like pieces of high art, each astounding and unique in their own ways. So, on to Stripsteak, the Michael Mina steakhouse in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV.

To start, Wow. I loved the exterior view from the hotel walkway. Lots of glass, dark wood and texture – a lovely space. 


I also loved the open viewing steak aging area, and the open kitchen area to the right. Super cool.

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I enjoyed a killer Tito’s Vodka Moscow Mule, and soon realized that the bar knew what they were doing. We ordered the “Instant Bacon,” which is Five Spice Pork Belly, Tempura Oyster, and Jicama Slaw.  It was absolutely divine, complex, and flavorful. Here is a picture:


A friend in my party ordered the Trio of Beets, which is Quinoa, Pistachio, Burrata Cheese, and Black Pepper Crisps. It looked excellent, and my friend really enjoyed it.


But, this is a steakhouse, so let’s get to the real reason for this blog post – steak. The choice was a no-brainer, an 8oz Mishima Reserve Wagyu Rib Cap.  As I mentioned earlier, I’m refraining from broad proclamations of the “Best Steak Ever,” but this steak was all-time – perfectly prepared medium rare, endlessly tender and juicy, and intensely flavorful. One hell of a piece of beef. And the perfect companion was the small sample of marrow bone – exquisite.  I paired the Wagyu with a glass of the Levendi 2010 Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon. Perfection.


Do yourself a favor if you’re in Vegas – go to Stripsteak.  You’re welcome.

Stripsteak – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV



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