Mile High Luxury – The Four Seasons Hotel Denver

“To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.” – Walker Percy, The Moviegoer

This quote perfectly captures how I feel about travel – that “the possibility of the search” is what energizes and moves me to always seek new destinations and experiences because of how profound my life is likely to be changed. In my younger years, “the possibility of the search” was unknown to me, and I’m thankful every day that it now burns inside.

If “it” had never found me, nor me “it,” I wouldn’t have experienced a recent visit to Denver, Colorado, and my world would be that much smaller. Thankfully, a recent visit to Denver and stay at The Four Seasons Hotel Denver revealed to me much more than I could have ever hoped.

Location and Entry

The Four Seasons Hotel Denver is located in the heart of downtown Denver, which is fantastic if you’re looking to attend the theater, a sporting event, a great dinner, or just enjoy the Denver downtown.

As you would expect, the Entry to the property is quite grand.


My suite was pure luxury, replete with a variety of types and textures of natural stone, gorgeous appointments, city views, and a super cool in-mirror television in the bathroom. I didn’t want to leave the suite. Just magnificent.


I unfortunately didn’t have the time to enjoy a treatment during my visit, but I did take the time to walk through the space, and it’s quite impressive. The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel Denver offers 10 Treatment Rooms, Nail Salon, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Whirlpools, Heated Outdoor Pool on the Rooftop Terrace, Full Fitness Center, Yoga Studio and the Level 3 Salon. You may read more about the Spa by Clicking Here.



The Four Seasons Hotel Denver features EDGE Restaurant as its signature dining option, which in a city of exemplary steakhouses, is considered one of the best. You can view the Menus by Clicking Here.

It’s also worth mentioning that the EDGE Bar offers a truly vibrant and energetic bar atmosphere, which is not always found in a luxury property where at times the clientele can be a bit stuffy. Not here. I love that this Four Seasons is embracing its downtown environment, and delivering a sleek and lively option for enjoying a cocktail. I also loved the design of both the bar and the restaurant.


One of the best parts of visiting luxury properties is learning the many different and often ingenious ways these properties create unforgettable and truly special guest experiences.

Well, The Four Seasons Hotel Denver has truly blazed a trail with its Voluntourism program. Voluntourism empowers guests who desire to have an enriching experience through volunteer work while experiencing Denver.

The property has partnered with a number of local organizations such as the Brandon Center/Theodora House and Meals on Wheels to connect guests interested in giving back during their visit to Denver.  Is this not the coolest thing you’ve ever heard of any hotel doing?

Closing Thoughts

My visit to The Four Seasons Hotel Denver reinforced the concept that the process of getting out and living life, doing things, and seeking out new people and places, is one of life’s most valuable endeavors. This blog has opened my world in ways that I could have never imagined. The places I’ve visited, and the people I’ve met have forever changed me and how I view the world.

I write about these places because I want everyone to know that they have the power inside themselves to explore the world, and to find their own path. And if you decide to visit Denver, please make certain to visit The Four Seasons, and offer your time to one of the worthy organizations. It will be the best trip you will ever take.


The Four Seasons Hotel Denver – Info and Social

The Four Seasons Hotel Denver (Website) – 1111 14th Street, Denver, Colorado 80202


Twitter: @FSDenver

Instagram: @fsdenver



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More Pictures!

Thanks so very much to Jim and everyone at The Four Seasons Hotel Denver for the use of the high resolution images to make up for my shoddy photography! And thanks so very much for a most memorable and spectacular visit! I had an absolutely lovely time and can’t wait to come back!

Please note that I was welcomed by the resort as a special media guest, but that as always, my opinions are my own.

Thanks so much for reading, and happy traveling!