Cape Town Vineyard Luxury – The Steenberg Hotel & Spa

“This Cape is a most stately thing, and the fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the Earth” – Sir Francis Drake

I haven’t circumnavigated the globe, but I have seen much of it, and I can’t quibble with Drake’s observation. In fact, there’s not a place in the world I’ve seen that can quite compare to the majestic topography of Cape Town, South Africa – a perfectly pristine place for the exquisite Steenberg Hotel & Spa.


The Steenberg Hotel & Spa is located about 30 minutes south of downtown Cape Town, a drive I highly endorse as the breathtaking beauty of the Cape reveals itself in greens, blues, and steep hillsides.

The Hotel

Steenberg Farm was the first farm in Cape Town, originating in 1682, and the hotel occupies the restored structures that have been part of the farm for centuries. In turn, the suites and feel of the property reflect its historic architecture. Here is a short video showing the variety of the suites, and the divergent and classic styles used throughout the property.

Here are some images of the property:


We enjoyed an expansive Premier Suite, featuring sumptuous views across a charming private patio. The suite was light, well-appointed, spacious, and luxurious – featuring an en suite bathroom, comfy robes, and plush bedding. Absolutely lovely. Here is a short video tour of our suite.

The Vineyard and Wine Estate

Steenberg is however most famous for its fabulous vineyards, wines, and spectacular Wine Estate with Tasting Bar, Tasting Lounge, and Outdoor Terrace. From the hotel, you wander through the hillside vineyards, and toward the Wine Estate for your fill of wine! Yes!

The Vineyard

The Wine Estate

Spa and Golf

The Steenberg Hotel also offers luxury Spa and and Golf options. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to experience these amenities, but you can read more about them by clicking on the links above.


The highlight of our visit included a special tasting dinner at the property’s signature dining space, the elegant and picturesque Catharina’s. Views, contemporary flavors, all in a luxuriously classic setting. Just wow.

Closing Thoughts

I urge you to discover the Steenberg Hotel & Spa if you visit Cape Town. You’ll be filled with wine, views, and the peacefulness and serenity that emanates throughout the property. And while you’re sipping your wine and gazing at the halcyon horizon, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement at Drake’s observation – there is no place quite as lovely as Cape Town.

Steenberg Hotel & Spa – Location and Social

Steenberg Hotel & Spa (Website)

Steenberg Estate, Steenberg Rd, Tokai, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa (Google Maps)

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Thanks so very much to Adrid, Chanel, Eunice, and Jared at the Farm!

Please take note that the Steenberg Hotel & Spa welcomed me as a special media guest, but that my opinions are, as always, entirely my own.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this article, and happy dining and traveling!


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