Best Resorts in Hawaii – The Four Seasons Lanai – Part II

Where Were We?

Oh yeah! I was writing about the Best Resorts in Hawaii, and I was just about to discuss my visit to The Four Seasons, Lanai at Manele Bay. If you haven’t read Part I yet, just click here.


As I mentioned, The Four Seasons, Lanai at Manele Bay is undergoing a series of property enhancements.  So, the property requested that we wear helmets and reflective vests so that we would be protected on our tour; which was no problem, especially considering the access that the property was giving in providing a guided private tour! Here’s a picture of me, my wife, and my parents – I think we look pretty great!

The Property

A quick note that I have a TON of pictures from this tour, so I’m going to post a few pictures in this main section, and then I’ll post a bunch more images at the end of the blog post so you can flick through those on your own.

Kristina (our lovely tour guide and the Social Media Manager for the two Four Seasons properties) began by showing us some of the mid-level common areas of the property that have been beautified, stating that one of the property’s goals is to reintegrate Hawaii and traditional Polynesia, but with an ode to Asian style. We first experienced lavish common areas and spaces with deep colors and intricate custom pieces:

The second image from the left with the dining table shows a space called Botanica.  It is one of the property’s luxury areas that can be reserved for private events such as a cocktail party for up to 30 people, or a sit-down dinner for up to 12 people.  It was most certainly one of my favorite spots in the resort, and I will absolutely reserve this space when I return to stay at the property! For more information on Botanica, please click here.

The Rooms and Suites – Beautified and Enhanced

We then viewed a few of the rooms and suites that have been beautified and enhanced, each with varying appointments, features, views, and amenities. Each type of room and suite is a particular type.  Just click on those room and suite types when I list them.  I included links to each of the rooms and suites on the Four Seasons Manele Bay website if you’d like more info.  Here are some images of the first room we visited, the property’s Partial Ocean View Room:

A couple of notes about these pictures.  First, EACH AND EVERY  Room and Suite at Manele Bay will have at least one 75″ Flat Screen Television. Wait? What? YES! You read that correctly, 75 Inches!!! Best thing ever, right? But wait!

If you take a close look at the picture of the mirror, you can see a darkened and smoky rectangular outline in the mirror just above the faucet. Guess what it is? An In-Mirror TV! Boom! I didn’t want to leave this room!

Then if you look to the image on the far right, it shows the in-room water, glasses, snacks, coffee, etc. Look to the right on wall and you’ll see a petite glass affixed to the wall with a lone Hawaiian flower resting inside of the glass. So lovely.

Now, I failed miserably in getting a better picture, but if I had done better, you would be able to see that those are Dean & Deluca snacks! This room just keeps getting better and better!

It Gets Better

The next room was a Suite, which had a stunning view of the ocean – a Four Seasons Ocean Front Studio Suite:

So, aside from the obvious spectacular view, and the glass-walled terrace, I loved the state of the art panel controls.  I also didn’t want to leave the room because this is the coolest mini-bar I have ever seen! It’s a piece of art, and integrates seamlessly with the clean and elegant room style by renowned designer Todd Avery Lenahan.

We also visited an Ocean Front King Suite, which was “Oh My Wowness!” Check out these pics:

If I wasn’t with my parents and my wife, I would have stowed away in this room. I mean c’mon. A Japanese Soaking Tub? Yes please!  Click here to learn more about its awesomeness.

Not surprisingly, my wife and mother gravitated to the ludicrously spacious Walk-In Closet, and after a brief walk-through, I have to admit that I envisioned my neatly ironed suits and shirts resting in its warm wooden embrace.  But I think my favorite part of the room was the silky ivory colored full stone walk-in shower. The design and the texture of the stone is sleek and velvety with an almost cottony hue. Lovely.

Ok, so just a few more pictures of this superlative suite!

Why You Will Remember The Four Seasons Lanai Properties

This is a category I include when I stay at a property. But I felt so strongly about my visit that I thought it important to include what I think is unique about these properties.  In other words, I always ask myself “Why would I come back?”

This one is easy: I loved Lanai, and I can’t wait to return to stay not only at Manele Bay, but at the Lodge at Koele.  And thanks to the Four Seasons, they offer a “Seamless Stay” where you can split your stay between the two properties and the hotel will pack your clothes and belongings on your transition day, and unpack those belongings into your new room in the second property. Amazing! So, I will most definitely return to do that.


I can’t thank enough the Four Seasons Lanai properties for their incredible hospitality, kindness, and graciousness.  There is clearly a considerable amount of work being done, and taking the time to shuttle myself and my family around the island, and then to provide a guided tour of the Manele Bay property is more than I could have ever hoped to happen.

I also want to thank our amazing tour guide Kristina!!! She was super sweet, smart, accommodating, and an overall good sport.  I hope the Four Seasons knows how lucky it is to have her working so hard for them.

Our tour over, we said goodbye, and I have thought every day of how I yearn to revisit Lanai, and to reside temporarily in the luxury of the two Four Seasons properties. Until then, mahalo.

How to Reach Out

The Four Seasons, Lanai at Manele Bay is slated for a 2015 Fourth Quarter reopening, so clear your calendars!

Here are the details of the two Lanai properties:

Lanai at Manele Bay


Twitter (both properties):          @FSLanai

Instagram (both properties):     @fslanai

The Lodge at Koele


More Information

Here is a great article from Conde Nast Traveler if you’re looking for more information on the Four Seasons Lanai.  They did a great “Sneak Peek” piece on the new rooms.  Also, I love this article from

More Pictures!

Thank you so very much for reading, and happy traveling, mahalo.



*As always, while I may receive information from a particular property, my opinions are entirely my own.