Washington, D.C. Luxury – The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City

I want to be with those who know secret things, or else alone” – Rainer Maria Rilke


One of the guiding concepts that has served me best in travel is to seek out places and experiences that have been overlooked by the masses; and it has served me quite well. I mention this because as a global traveler, much of the best experiences and places are not commonly known.

In searching for places to stay during a recent visit to Washington, D.C., I took great pains to craft a list of hotels that offered extraordinary – yet not widely discovered – luxury experiences. I had the great fortune of discovering The Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City, which is one of four Ritz-Carltons in the Washington, D.C. area.


Rain fell in generous and windy bunches the afternoon of our arrival. We had arranged for a car to collect us, and The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City did not disappoint as we viewed a glistening Mercedes gliding toward our curb. We rode in quiet elegance while the rain pelted the glass roof. I’ve visited many luxury hotels, but this entrance will not be easily forgotten.


I suspect that one of the primary reasons that The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City is not more widely known is its location, which is actually in Arlington, Virginia, southwest of downtown Washington, D.C., just across the Potomac River and a whisper from The Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery. Click here to view the location on Google Maps.

It’s understandable that most travelers will prefer a hotel located in closer proximity to the downtown area, but after my recent trip, I can make a persuasive case that spending time across the River offers a distinctly unique (and noticeably less crowded) experience.

Patriotism Abounds

As you might guess, the property’s close proximity to The Pentagon cultivates an intimate and quite genuine bond between the hotel, the surrounding community, and its guests. There are lovely and poignant reminders about where you reside for your short stay, and the seriousness with which the property regards its role in serving its guests so close to the hub of the U.S. military.

There is also an enthusiastic energy flowing through the property’s corridors as you see and hear its guests rhapsodize to one another their urgent thoughts and proposals. And in this setting, it’s easy to imagine that these individuals are truly working to solve some substantial global challenges. (Or at least more substantial than my Instagram postings)


The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City offers accommodations as lush and luxurious as you would expect from the iconic hotel brand.  We were most fortunate to enjoy a Club Level Suite, featuring an expansive area, with a makeup table and mirror, and plush bedding. Thanks to Ashley for the welcome gifts!!!  🙂

The Club Level

The newly re-imagined Club at the 18th Floor of the Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City features a glittering and sumptuous (yet relaxed) array of luxury appointments and delectable food and beverage selections – in addition to rather impressive views of the locality. There is a gravitational pull toward the Club, and a feeling quite the opposite of urgency when pondering an exit. I personally logged a majestic two-hour block, moving only to fill my plate and assuage my guilt for embracing such sublime stagnation. I highly recommend the same. I’ve included both imperfect images by me, and professional images courtesy of the hotel.


Fyve Restaurant Lounge is the property’s signature dining offering, featuring a notable and varied array of items to satisfy a multitude of palates. Click here to view the Dinner Menu. Fyve also functions as the hotel’s lively and vibrant nighttime lounge where live music fills the generous space. It’s quite lovely. I also enjoyed that the menu is accessible by tablet, which allows for a more thorough perusal of wines and cocktails. Here are some images of our time in Fyve:

While I don’t generally revel in a room service meal (it can be quite hit-and-miss at times), it’s worth noting that we enjoyed a divine breakfast before departing. and it also provided an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy our suite for another hour or so.

A Capitol Tour

As I mentioned previously, there is often great value in walking the path least traveled. Well, I nearly fractured my clavicle patting myself on the back when I learned that The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City organizes for its guests, private (yes, you heard that right) tours of the Capitol! Wait, what? Yes!  🙂   Here are some images of our glorious visit!

Closing Thoughts

Visiting a city like Washington, D.C. is personal and special. Experiencing the Smithsonian, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the many other signature attractions, are among my most treasured memories as a child and adult. The city imparts upon the visitor an optimism and magnificence that are quintessentially American – and it’s quite humbling.

If you do visit Washington, D.C., I encourage you to veer from the beaten path, travel across the River, and visit The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City.  Then go to the 18th Floor, Club, order a cocktail, sink into one of the silky chairs, gaze out the window – and revel in the bliss.


Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City – Location and Social

The Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City (Website): Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, 1250 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202 (Google Maps)

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Thanks so very much to Ashley for making this visit possible, and to everyone at the Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City, for such a superlative visit!  Thank also to the Ritz Carlton for the use of the high resolution images!

Please take note that I was welcomed to the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City on a special media rate, and that my opinions, as always, are entirely my own.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article, and Happy Traveling!