“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

I adore beer and great food, so I was absolutely thrilled when I had the opportunity to attend the Negra ModeloChef Rick Bayless Phoenix Tasting Event held recently.

Negra Modelo is an iconic Mexican-styled beer and Chef Rick Bayless is equally iconic, having established himself as perhaps the most famous and successful American chef who specializes in the preparation of authentic Mexican cuisine. The combination of Negra Modelo with Chef Rick Bayless and his traditional Mexican food sounded perfect, and indeed, Negra Modelo features a section on its website with custom recipes by Chef Bayless with Negra Modelo as a feature ingredient. Click here to view that webpage.

The Event – Meet and Greet

I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Chef Bayless prior to the start of the event for a small meet and greet with some other dining bloggers. It was such a thrill. Chef Bayless is approachable, funny, and extremely humble, especially considering the fame he has achieved. His love of cooking Mexican food is palpable, even from a short meeting. It’s evident that his passion drives him in all things, which illustrates how highly he views Negra Modelo as the perfect complement to his cooking style and food.

The event was spectacular, and a local chef joined Chef Bayless in some live food preparations.

A quick note about Negra Modelo the beer. It bears a striking darkness, but it drinks extremely smoothly. I enjoy Negra Modelo, but I hadn’t ever thought of it as a beer I would pair with food – until now. I suspect that the beer’s roasted caramel malts account for that smooth flavor and texture, but also accentuate the flavors of food, especially Mexican cuisine. Here a couple photos of dishes that pair especially well with Negra Modelo, and I added a great photo of Negra Modelo. Notice how the gold-rimmed glasses mirror the famous gold-foiled Negra Modelo bottles.

I have to admit that prior to this event, my experience with pairing dinners almost exclusively consisted of wine pairing dinners, but this experience really opened my eyes to the pairing of food and beer.  The delicious simplicity of carefully crafted Negra Modelo with traditional Mexican cuisine prepared by Chef Bayless, proved a most worthy comparison to some of the best wine pairing dinners that I’ve enjoyed.

I hope that this article encourages you to add Negra Modelo to your list of favorite beers, and also to try pairing it with Chef Bayless’ recipes, or your own favorite recipes. One of the reasons I so enjoy writing about food is the variety of styles, dishes, and the limitless ways creative chefs figure out new ways for diners to enjoy food.

We all have a little bit of culinary ingenuity, and it’s through new experiences that we learn new ways to experience food and, if we’re lucky, new ways to connect with our friends and family. Ben Franklin was on to something with his quote about beer. Imagine what he would have said if he had a Negro Modelo with Red Chile Chilaquiles!

Enjoy your culinary journey, and thanks very much for reading.


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Thanks very much to Chef Rick Bayless, Negra Modelo, and to all of the people who worked very hard in planning and executing this amazing event. Your efforts are most appreciated.

Please note that I received product and compensation from Negra Modelo, and please also note that all of the views expressed in this article are my own.

Happy Dining and Traveling!