Good Karma Inn Bed & Breakfast – Homer, Alaska – July 2013

If you’ve never visited Homer, Alaska, you need to – soon.

Full disclaimer. My uncle owns the Good Karma Inn Bed & Breakfast in Homer, Alaska.  We visited because we continued to hear about Homer’s beauty and food scene, and we were dazzled. What a place.  It changed my life.

There is something incredibly special about this hamlet by the sea. It is magical, lovely. vibrant, surprising, and exceptional. You should go – soon.

The dining is stellar.  Many high end chefs (as they say in Alaska, those from the lower 48) emigrate to Homer during the summer and operate for a few months.  My wife and I have dined all over the world, and we experienced some of the best food in Homer.  Tiny restaurants, 10-20 seats, but incredible savory and memorable food.  Needless to say, it’s hard to find better seafood anywhere else.  The King Crab will change your life.

In terms of the Good Karma Inn B&B, this picture speaks for itself.  Certainly the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.  The view is transfixing, constantly changes, and makes you question that it is not a large image placed in the foreground of the property.  The view alone is worth a visit.

If you are interested in traveling to Homer and the Good Karma, here is the website:

You will not be disappointed.