Florentine Luxury – The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life” – Anna Akhmatova

One of the many beauties of Italy is that there are so many different cities and regions to visit, making Italy – in my opinion – the most beautiful destination country in the world. But the flip side is that it can take awhile to visit certain cities, and in my case, it took many years before I could make the time to visit the City of Florence; and wow, was it worth the wait.

And as is my habit, I thoroughly research my destinations to determine the best places to stay, visit, and dine; and it soon became readily apparent that I needed to visit the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, and dine at its signature Michelin-Starred restaurant Il Palagio.



The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze is centrally located in Florence, overlooking the renowned Giardino Della Gherardesca, one of the most resplendent gardens in Italy. Another characteristic of the property that I love is that the front entry is located on the Via degli Artisti, creating a sense of intrigue as you walk on the classic stone street toward the hotel. This is such a cool experience.


Entry and Main Lobby

My wife and I have been quite fortunate to view some of the loveliest hotels and impressive entries and lobbies, but the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze has perhaps the most spectacular main entry I’ve ever seen; and this was enhanced by the fact that it was December, and the hotel was decorated in Christmas adornments. The lighting is dramatic, and the ceiling-work is stunning and breathtaking. Here are some images, which hardly do it justice, but should give you a small sense of the luxuriousness of the space:

Giardino Della Gherardesca

These gardens are simply stunning, especially since they are located directly on the backside of the Four Seasons, so that as you walk out the rear doors, the gardens soak up the entire frame of view. You certainly feel as if you’re the guest of an Italian noble family as you try to take in all of the lushness of the views, small rocky paths giving way to your slow saunter. Here are some images. My apologies that they are a little dark as the sun was setting:

Here are some images of the Spa and the Pool, photo credits to the Four Seasons Firenze:



The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze features perhaps the most highly regarded restaurant in Florence, the one Michelin Star Il Palagio, which is expertly helmed by Executive Chef Vito Mollica. Click Here for additional background.

Il Palagio is known for “authentic Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist.” Il Palagio offers a variety of inventive dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients and a selection of over 400 wines for expert pairing. Click Here to view the Dinner Menu.

We visited during the late evening for our dinner, but here are images of the Il Palagio dining room courtesy of the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze:

We enjoyed a superlative Tasting Menu, featuring some of Chef Vito’s most renowned dishes, including Lobster Salad with Spring Onion and traditional Italian Vegetables and Cream Sauce; and an astoundingly flavorful and unique Pigeon from Assisi cooked in Pork Bladder with Vin Santo and Thyme-scented Caramelised Fruits. The dinner featured some dishes and flavors which were wholly new to my palate, and Chef Vito and his staff have exceeded the traditional bounds of high end culinary fare. Il Palagio is truly special, and a meal I’ll never forget.

Final Thoughts

Florence is one of the most magical cities I’ve visited. Walking its stone streets and walkways, the visitor feels as if they’ve been transported back in time to experience Italy in a way that we all imagine it to exist in our minds.

Visiting the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze will make you feel as if you’ve been welcomed into the home of a Florentine noble family for a special visit, where you will be most fortunate to experience one of the loveliest luxury properties in the world, and certainly, a meal you will never forget.


Four Seasons Hotel Firenze – Location and Social

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze (Website) – Borgo Pinti 99, 50121 Firenze – Google Maps

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Thank You!

Thank you so very much to everyone at the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze and Il Palagio for an unforgettable experience, with a special thank you to our spectacular server Gabriele, and to Claudia for all the work in making this dinner possible! Thanks also to the hotel for its use of high resolution images to make up for my shoddy photography!

Please take note that the hotel welcomed me as a special media guest, but that as always, my opinions are entirely my own.

Thanks very much for reading, and Happy Traveling!