Carefree Luxury – The Boulders Resort & Spa

“Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality” – Angelo Bonati

There are precious few places lovelier than Arizona in the Springtime, and one of the many reasons I adore this part of the year is that I take the opportunity to visit a number of luxury properties located near my home in Scottsdale.

This year, I’m so thrilled to share with you a visit to one of the luxury properties that is near and dear to my heart and my home – The Boulders Resort & Spa, a part of the Curio Collection by Hilton.  I had hoped to visit the Boulders last year, but the property was in the midst of an expansive renovation, and I couldn’t wait to see the newly imagined property!



The Boulders Resort & Spa is tucked into 1,300 acres of the Sonoran Desert Foothills in Carefree, Arizona, just north of Scottsdale. The Sonoran Desert is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, brushed with cool mountain breezes and dotted with a variety of desert vegetation. At about 1,000-2,000 in elevation, the skyline is breathtaking, especially at sunset.


The Boulders Resort & Spa features 220 guest accommodations, including 160 newly renovated guest casitas, 61 Villas/Haciendas (a blend of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms) and one five-bedroom Villa Retreat. We enjoyed a lovely one bedroom Villa overlooking one of the greens of the properties two 18-hole golf course (which you can learn more about these courses by Clicking Here).


The Boulders Resort & Spa offers a variety of dining and gathering options (6 to be precise), including its signature eatery Palo Verde, The Grill Kitchen & Bar, the Spotted Donkey Cantina, the Spa Cafe, the Discovery Lounge with outdoor views and humidor, and the Bakery Cafe. The property also offers the Pool Pavilion and In-Room Dining options. We thoroughly enjoyed Palo Verde, taking in the spectacular views of the 6th Hole Fairway.  The Palo Verde menu is replete with inventive and flavorful southwestern-style fare. Here are some images of our experience:


Spa at the Boulders

The Spa at the Boulders features an astounding 33,000 square foot spa, including an expansive spa pool, 24 treatment rooms, Vichy treatments, Couples Spa Suites, and a 5,600 square foot Organic Garden.  I’ve visited many high end spas, and the Spa at the Boulders is quite impressive. What’s more, the variety and number of different spa treatments is definitely remarkable. Click Here is view the Spa Menu.

I chose the Welcome Travelers Massage, which is the ideal treatment to enjoy upon checking into the property – a lovely and welcome rejuvenative experience. Here are some images of the Spa at the Boulders:

We dined for breakfast at the Spa Cafe, and the experience was lovely – serene and flavorful. Here are some images of our experience:


The Boulders Resort & Spa features two World Class Golf Courses, complete with PGA and LPGA-certified instructors.  I’ve been fortunate to have golfed both courses, and the views of the mountains, the spectacular boulders, in contrast with the manicured green fairways is sublime. For more information about the Golf Course Options, Click Here.


Sometimes it can be tricky bringing pets to a luxury property, and candidly, some properties aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpet for animals. But the Boulders is different in that they welcome and cater to these furry guests. I especially love the Boulders Pet Program, which is splendid, and permits pets up to 75 pounds (which is a lot), and includes a gourmet pet food menu, in-house baked treats and pet photography – all for a $100.00 fee. I love this.


Cool Stuff

There are a number of varied activities and characteristics to enjoy at the Boulders Resort & Spa, but I would like to make note a few of those.

First, the property offers an incredibly unique Boulders Climbing outing, where a climbing specialist takes you and your family to new and exhilarating heights. Here are my images from following along another family’s climbing experience:

Special thanks to Rico for his expert training and patience with the climbers. Also, the property offers a separate and pulse-quickening rappelling experience. Here is an image, courtesy of the Boulders:


Another special feature of the property I’d like to share may be found at the Spa, and it’s the sort of feature that’s so unexpected yet profound that makes me eager to visit new properties.

When you exit one of the Spa doors, you immediately see what appears to be a circular maze of red bricks; which is precisely what it is. It’s called Desert Zen Intention: The Labyrinth Journey, and it’s an exercise for the participant to – among other things – appreciate that the journey toward something is due in large measure to the path that you’ve taken to get there. I absolutely adored it, and highly recommend that you take the time to enjoy this experience.

The last thing I’d like to make note of is the Organic Garden, which is easily accessible off the Spa. The Garden is much larger than you’d expect, and it’s the type of feature that sets luxury properties apart. Most impressive.


Closing Thoughts

It’s not often that I’m able to visit a property so close to where I live most of the year, and I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to visit the Boulders Resort & Spa and to share my experience.

The Boulders Resort & Spa is a must-visit for anyone looking to truly escape from the hectic day-to-day lives of which we are all too familiar. The serene and soothing setting permeates your body, until you’ve completely disconnected and are enjoying your precious time with family and loved ones. It’s quite something, and I wish I could bottle it! But until then, you’ll just have to visit the Boulders Resort & Spa. You’ll thank me for it.


The Boulders Resort & Spa – Location and Social

The Boulders Resort & Spa (Website):  34631 N Tom Darlington Dr., Carefree, AZ 85377 (Google Maps)

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Thank you so very much to everyone at The Boulders Resort & Spa for such a lovely and memorable visit! A special thank you to Debi for making this visit possible. Also, a final thank you to the Boulders for the use of the beautiful images!

Please take note that I was welcomed by the property as a special media guest, but that my opinions, as always, are entirely my own.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article, and Happy Traveling!