Best Restaurants in Phoenix – Wright’s At The Arizona Biltmore

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” – James Beard

The experience of dining is very special to me, and this quote reminded me of why this is so – food, and how we experience it, connects us all.

I recently visited the Arizona Biltmore to write a staycation feature, and had the opportunity to enjoy the property’s signature restaurant Wright’s at the Biltmore.  I so thoroughly enjoyed my experience that I decided to write a separate article so that I could give the proper time and credit to such a spectacular restaurant.

We dined at Wright’s at the Biltmore twice during our stay – dinner and brunch.

Click Here for a virtual tour of the restaurant, Click Here to view the Dinner Menu, and Click Here to view the Brunch Menu.

The Space

Wright’s at the Biltmore is an elegantly designed expansive space, filled with natural light and classically fashioned dining tables and appointments.


I started with a divine Caesar Salad – garlic, parmesan, quail egg, and white anchovy. My wife enjoyed as an entree an expertly prepared Salmon – beet, english pea, brussels, pea shoot, and pistachio. I enjoyed a resplendent Beef Wellington – foie gras, duxelle, puff pastry, and root vegetables. All of the dished featured vibrant flavors and layered textures.

Of particular note is the decadent and succulent Truffle Mac & Cheese, which is served as an entree, but we requested that the dish be served as a side for sharing. If you order nothing else, order this. You’re welcome.  🙂


We finished with a most lovely Chocolate Souffle, and a very whimsical serving of Cotton Candy.

In all, a most sublime culinary experience – food, service, ambience were all exemplary. And the only thing even better than enjoying such a high quality dining experience? Well, following it up with a brunch at the same restaurant the next morning!


Wright’s at the Biltmore does something very interesting with its brunch. It offers both a diverse buffet selection, and seasonal small plate entrees for order. Love this concept! Click Here to see the Brunch Menu.

I’ve enjoyed my fair share of high end brunches, and I was overly impressed with the quantity and quality of food on display, and at the diner’s whim when I entered Wright’s the next morning. Stunning. Look at these creations!

It’s a festival for the senses, and my only wish was for a second stomach!

Seasonal Small Plate Entrees

The Seasonal Small Plate Entrees are creative versions of classic brunch dishes: The Wright Way Benedict, Waffle, Pancake, Seafood and Quiche.

Once again, a luxurious dining experience, and I want to again compliment the service and staff. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and eager to provide assistance at every turn. So lovely.

Closing Thoughts

My love of dining is difficult to articulate, but I know it to be powerful, and one of the main ways I experience the world. Dining expands my mind, enriches my personal relationships, and grants me access to diverse cultures and incredible people.

Wright’s at the Biltmore is a special place to experience with your friends and family – to further connect with those you love; because in the end, it’s those moments where we share universal experiences that bring us closer together, and the experiences that we will remember in the end.


Wright’s At The Arizona Biltmore – Contact and Social

Wright’s At The Arizona Biltmore (Website) – 2400 East Missouri Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85016 (Google Maps)


Twitter: @ArizonaBiltmore

Instagram: @arizonabiltmore



Thank You!

Thanks so much to the Arizona Biltmore, and to everyone at Wright’s for making my stay and visits to Wright’s so memorable. Thanks also for the use of some high resolution images of the restaurant for this post.

Thanks to you for taking your valuable time to read this post, and happy traveling and dining!