Best Luxury Hotels in Sedona – El Portal Sedona

“It’s the Call of the Canyon – Bell Rock, Cathedral, Mitten Ridge – It’s Sedona, Sedona – Where the lovin’ people live”

– Excerpt from Sedona, by Donna Loren

Sedona, Arizona is one of my most favorite places on the planet – magical, mysterious, and its beauty is impossible to describe. So when a business trip brought us to Sedona, I decided to write a “Best Luxury Hotels in Sedona” article about El Portal Sedona because it’s the only luxury property in Sedona that I hadn’t visited. It was time to make up for lost time.

How Do I Get to El Portal Sedona?

El Portal Sedona is located in the heart of Sedona, Arizona, which is roughly 1.5-2 hours North from Phoenix. The central location of El Portal Sedona is one of my favorite characteristics of the hotel, especially if it’s your first time to Sedona. The proximity to the high-end open air shopping space Tlaquepaque is stellar.

The Courtyard

I’ve been to resorts and hotels of all types, all over the world, and El Portal Sedona is quite possibly the most charming luxury property I’ve visited. The property’s most beautiful area is also its most communal – an expansive verdant courtyard surrounded at the sides by the property’s rooms and architecture, replete with lush greenery and delicate branchwork.

The Courtyard was most certainly my favorite part of the resort because it offers the property’s guests the opportunity to meet, spend time, and talk. We met some great people from Phoenix who were enjoying a staycation, and had a ball with them. I also noticed other guests mingling and spending time together, and this sense of community is generally lacking in most other resorts. Very cool, and incredibly memorable.

Pet Friendly

El Portal is also known for its pet friendliness, which was on broad display as we saw 5-6 dogs during our one-night stay. All of the guests I visited with said that one of the main reasons they continue to return to El Portal is that the property truly accommodates and caters to pets. Check out the lovely little guy that Miss Details met!


The Main Room

Part of the charm of El Portal is its Great Room, which functions as the main entry, the dining room, reception, and an area of charm and Sedona beauty. The feel is warm, grand and welcoming, like a cozy forest lodge. I loved this room.

The Rooms

El Portal includes 12 separate and individual suites, and we stayed in Suite 1 – The Adobe.  The suite includes a wonderfully spacious stone courtyard through French Doors, which we enjoyed that evening; a comfy King bed, and open shower. If we had spent more time, we would have also enjoyed the fireplace.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot to love about Sedona, and there’s truly no place like it on earth. I’ve been many times over the years, and as with most special places, it changes how you view the world, and more importantly, you and your place in the world.  El Portal is the ideal space for you to experience Sedona, and trust me that both El Portal and Sedona will stir your soul for years to come, and you’ll forever hear the Call of the Canyon.

El Portal Sedona Contact Information

El Portal Sedona (Website) – 95 Portal Lane, Sedona, Arizona 86336 (Map)

Facebook: elportalsedona

Twitter: @elportalsedona

Pinterest: elportalsedona

YouTube: elportalsedona


As always, these opinions and images are my own. Thank you for reading!