Welcome to my Luxury Travel Insider Page!

I've had the fortune of visiting some of the most memorable and breathtaking places in the world. I work with travel agencies and agents to share my luxury travel secrets, tips, and advice with their clients to ensure that they have the most enjoyable travel experiences possible and that they think of you when they book their travel plans! There are even websites like Zegrahm that can help with giving travelers cultural experiences along the way, with them getting to experience where they are with fresh eyes alongside those they love.

How Does It Work?

I share a list with you or your travel agents of all the places I have visited, and if you have a client who is interested in traveling to one of those places, I will share my best luxury travel tips with you - such as hotels, tours, flight routes, best dining spots, my favorite places to enjoy a cocktail or sunset, and many more details that will make your clients' travel unforgettable.

You may share my thoughts with your clients directly, or I'm happy to jump on a call with you and your clients. It's entirely up to you!

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no cost to you or to your clients for my luxury travel tips! I also do not make any money by recommending certain hotels, restaurants, tours, or anything else. I offer this service because travel is better when you can speak to someone who has actually visited the destination, and I've had to figure out a lot of these tips for myself. If I can help more people enjoy their trips, then it's almost as enjoyable as visiting that place again!


Feel free to email at any time if you would like additional information:

Aaron Gagnon
Lux Travel Guy

Thank you!