“We were miles away from our real lives” – Maggie Stiefvater, Forever

For someone who travels quite a lot, I’m not much of a fan of driving when I travel.  I find it generally to be an annoyance – sourcing a rental car company, renting the vehicle, not choosing the right gas refilling option, short-circuiting when deciding whether to elect additional insurance coverage, not knowing where I’m going, relying on a variety of tools to figure out where I’m driving . . . you get the point.

My preference is to arrive at the airport, and walk outside and get into a taxi with a driver who lives in that city, and who in all likelihood will know much better than I, where to go.

However, occasionally I travel to a place where hiring a driver is either impossible or economically unfeasible. This occurred recently when I was invited to visit a resort in Mendocino, California called the Little River Inn.  I knew that I needed to rent a car to drive to Mendocino, so I began my search for rental car companies.

During my search, a friend suggested that I look into a relatively new rental car company called Silvercar, which offers a Silver Audi A4 for its only rental car option, and it’s amazing. You can Click Here to see which airports offer Silvercar.


I flew into San Francisco International Airport, and when I was on my way to the departure area, I simply activated the Silvercar App, which signaled to Silvercar that I was arriving shortly.  When I walked outside, there was a Silvercar waiting for me.  How cool is that?

2015-11-20 16.30.47

The Silvercar driver took us on a short ride to the Silvercar lot so that we could get our car and be on our way. Once the Silvercar driver identified our car, he scanned a code on the dashboard of the car which connected it to me and to my account. Again, how cool is that?!

I can’t tell you how simple and super-cool the process was. Also, a few items of convenience and luxury that I loved. First, Insurance Coverage is very simple. You have three choices:  1) Purchase Silvercar Coverage 2) Use your own 3) Add Corporate Coverage (for business travelers). Again, very simple.

Second, I really loved the policy of returning the vehicle with the gas tank not filled, and then Silvercar only charges you the local fuel price per gallon, plus a $5.00 refuel fee to fill it up. This is a sore spot for me as I recently was charged $12.50 a gallon by another rental car company, which company I will forever hold a grudge against.

Third, and this is my favorite part: The car has FREE Sirius Radio and Wifi!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re Off!

After picking up the car, we were off to our first destination, the Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay.  I simply entered the hotel’s address into the GPS, which had a lovely digital and interactive display, and we were off!

I must admit that it was quite nice pulling up to a luxury hotel in a luxury rental car. Here’s the Silvercar at the Ritz-Carlton:

The next day, we drove to Mendocino and the Little River Inn.  It’s about a three hour drive, and it was spectacular. The Audi A4 handled like a dream, the WiFi was pumping our Pandora music station, and we were loving the experience of driving up the California coast. And for someone who doesn’t love to drive, I truly relaxed and just soaked it all in. So lovely.

Here’s the Silvercar at the Little River Inn – Mendocino, California:

On our way back to San Francisco, we made a quick pit stop at The Madrones, a luxury resort in wine country in Philo, California.  Here’s the Silvercar at The Madrones:

112215 Madrones


The return of the Silvercar was equally simple and fast.  We pulled in, a Silvercar representative then returned us to the airport terminal. I received an email invoice, and that was it!


The Silvercar experience forever changed my thinking about renting a car.  The experience was so sublime, that I will most certainly rent a Silvercar whenever I need a car for travel in the future.  I think the part that I enjoyed the most was driving a luxury car in a new place where I could truly relax and unplug – the sort of experience that a great car can deliver, but is most often lacking in traditional rental cars.

Well, my world has been blown, and I am forever thankful for the experience!!


Silvercar – Website and Social

Silvercar Website

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I would like to thank everyone at Silvercar for such a lovely experience! Please note that I was welcomed as a special media guest by Silvercar, but that as always, my opinions are my own.








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