We visited this O.H.S.O. over this past Memorial Day weekend, and I came away quite impressed.  We live in North Scottsdale, so we’ve visited that location many times. It’s important to note that the North Scottsdale location is limited in terms of the size and configuration of that space; which makes for a tighter “feel”.  The folks in North Scottsdale deserve a lot of credit for making a cramped space so inviting.

But that said, when you visit the PV O.H.S.O., you see what the O.H.S.O. team can do when they have some real estate to work with. First, off, a killer “feel” in this location. Large airy patio with tons of tables, games, and great use of natural lighting. And the large doors bring the outside in, which is where we sat. It felt fantastic.

Main Inside Patio

O.H.S.O. is known for its cocktails, so my move is generally a Tito’s Vodka Moscow Mule. O.H.S.O. makes a great mule, just the right mix of ginger beer and lime. Delicious.

Titos Mule

In terms of service, it was stellar. Drinks and food arrived quickly, with each server naming the item when delivering it; which I love since many items can look similar. Our main server was awesome. I unfortunately forgot to write down his name, but he was a runner I think in his spare time, and always responsive and very fun. He was also a big help with the menu. When I asked his favorite meal item, he didn’t hesitate and said: “Brisquet Mac.”  I went with that, and it was flavorful, well presented, and a nice blend of textures. Just awesome. Here’s a pic:

Brisquet Mac

In all, a wonderful experience, highly recommend trying this O.H.S.O.  Here is their information:

O.H.S.O. – Paradise Valley

10810 N. Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028

(Their About Page) http://ohsobrewery.com/home/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ohso_pv

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ohsoparadisevalley