We recently visited Toronto for the first time, and we heard from many people that no trip to Toronto is complete without visit to the CN Tower.  I concur, such a great experience.

As we soon found out, there’s a lot going on at the CN Tower.  The EdgeWalk allows people to do a tethered walk outside the tower, which my wife and I decided to pass on, but there were a lot of people doing it.  There is also a fine dining restaurant called the 360 Restaurant.  Unfortunately the dining room was between seatings when we were there, but the menu looks outstanding.

There are also two options for seeing the CN Tower.  You can ride to the main level, which has great views.  Or, you can also ride to the Skypod level, which is as high as you can go. We did the Skypod as well, which I highly recommend. Incredible views.

Here are some pictures from the main level:

Then we went up to the Skypod level:

We really enjoyed the CN Tower, and highly recommend that you visit if you’re in Toronto. So fun.

CN Tower: Toronto, Canada

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