There is a real sea change taking place with First and Business Class Airfare. When I started traveling consistently about ten years ago, I signed up for frequent flyer accounts with the major airlines so I could fly internationally – and maybe even someday, fly internationally by First Class.

Once you fly First and/or Business Class, you dedicate your life to staying in that section of the plane. Well, that maybe overstating things a bit, but maybe not!

But over the past few years, frequent flyer mileage has really been devalued in terms of redemption and flight options, while also more expensive in terms of the fees required to use your miles.  This means that frequent fliers need to think differently about miles – what airlines are best, what credit cards to use, how to use miles, etc.

Now, while the reduction in the value of airline miles is a buzzkill, there is a silver lining – the competition for market share by airlines is creating a pricing war, which is causing a reduction in the pricing of First and Business Class tickets.  In fact, First and Business Class tickets have never been more numerous.

While these tickets can be difficult to track, there are some tried and true ways to find these highly discounted and amazing tickets; including the use of websites that specialize in that tracking.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. Today, Conde Nast Traveler posted a most excellent article on strategies to find low cost First and Business Class tickets, and it’s great. Here it is:  

Enjoy, and good luck getting your First and Business Class tickets!



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